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QuickTime Soft Subtitles

A new subtitle format is coming to QuickTime

Update: See how it works with our new export plugin

The movie here here will show you how you can prepare a movie containing 20 selectable languages with Annotation Edit.
For iTunes/iPhone/iPod Touch or Apple TV export to a compliant video format before applying the subtitles.
Please note: To try it yourself please install the beta of our QuickTime Subtitle plugin first.
Save your movies for QuickTime X and of course publishing as self-contained.
Quick tests with movies saved as reference movies require QuickTime Player 7.
Apple changed the look of subtitles in QuickTime X from semi-transparent background to bordered text outline.

The plugin is still in beta phase. The actual export will take a few seconds longer for a 20 subtitle track feature movie.
The plugin creates a reference movie to save time and disk space.

The information how to do this is partially taken from the Apple discussions forum.
Please leave feature requests there.