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Training & Service Facilities

Often simple problems are hard to communicate. A technician for example is working at a service point in the automobile business. Especially transport vehicles but also hi-class limousines are highly differentiated according to customer needs.

Video may help clearing the point, when it comes to figure out how and where special or new components reside. And more important how to replace parts in a fast, reliable and handsome way.

To minimize trial and error in these situations, videos may show manual skills very conveniently.

Customers can point to parts in the video, where assistance is needed. Even if the detail on demand is not present in the video itself, communication is very easy beacause the precise location is inherently described. Supporting technicians can help efficiently.

At second: demanded solutions may help to enhance tutorial manuals and the videos itself.

Statistical overviews can be aggregated, so parts of video can precisely describe problematic areas where more information is needed.