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Film Archives

New chances for archives

Video, film and audio archieves serve several purposes.

If your archive serves as a repository of movie or tv-classics you can give users the chance to refer to specific scenes just in time. Your movie becomes a reference medium.

You can even sell off scenes in discussion for documentaries and other use.

As the timecode refers exactly to all forms of distribution, you can deliver anything from film-copy or HDTV to SDTV or Webmovie right on demand.

You might be interested in our browser-based annotation solution. In very short time we have integrated our system with a preexisting elearning video database. All material is has to be used for educational purposes only. You will have to file an agreement therefore.

As metadata standards (for example Dublin Core, LOM, MPEG-7) may require unique metadata sets, the current admin-interface is highly configurable. Dublin Core support is in progress.

An example administration interface.