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Annotation Studio

Highly integrated simple and fast server communication.

Annotation Studio is Annotation Edit plus server integration.
The true thing about servers is, that they need a client to get perceived. So here we show the server from Annotation Edit's view.
The interface gives you the ability to start a subtitle project with your selected movie, or refine already created subtitle projects. In seconds even a large video database and subtitle repository is synchronized and right at your hands.
With Annotation Studio you can manage large subtitling or annotation projects. Select your video, add your comments, choose a preferred layout for deployment, synchronize - and you are done.

No hassle. The server just serves.

Please note: Annotation Studio Server is only available as part of a service contract and will not be sold separately. As an affordable easy to use alternative we offer hosting services for web based annotation and subtitling. Although this is not a full-fledged customized workgroup server, it will give you the opportunity to ease your workflow with a valid communication platform.

Zoom (83KB)

Video selection in Annotation Studio.

Annotation view in Annotation Studio.